Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Delete iPhone Data Before Selling or Giving away?

If you still have your iOS device
Before you sell or give away your iOS device, make sure that you've removed all of your personal information. Follow these steps to protect your data and get your device to its factory default state for the new owner:

Before you sell your old iPhone, are you ensure that you have completely cleaned/wiped of all your personal information (i.e. telephone contacts, pictures, etc.)? When you plan to sell your phone, you never know who will get it and what he/she will do with it. Actually, it is of vital importance for protecting your privacy to delete all your information completely and permanently.
To avoiding someone view your private messages,you must to delete text messages from iPhone permanently before selling.

Delete iPhone data before selling
Will the entire data be deleted permanently? Yes. Is there any feasible way available to iPhone users to delete the stored data? Absolutely yes.

Delete All Data on iPhone Before Selling

To ensure that the deleted data cannot be recovered by any data recovery app, a reliable data delete tool is in needed here, which can complete this task perfectly and make it sure that those deleted data cannot be recovered any longer.This Free iPhone Data Eraser is your best choice, which designed to erase iPhone data permanently and those deleted iPhone data cannot be recovered any more.

Download the free trial version of this program to have a try!

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How to Delete Data from iPhone Before Selling

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer
After Running the iPhone Data Eraser program and connecting your iPhone to the computer via cable cable, your iPhone will be detected by this program automatically.

Step 2. Choose "Erase All Data on Device" in the window of program

Step 3. Start to earse all data on your device now

Step 4.Step 5 Start Erasing Everything on iPhone

Input 'delete ' and click Start Button to confirm that you are going to erase all the data on the iPhone. Then the program starts erasing apps, music, videos, photo, contacts, SMS and other files stored on the device. It only takes a few minutes to complete the task.

It will ask you for confirmation before it starts erasing so make sure you are certain you want to continue as this is your last chance to prevent data from being accidentally erased. You should be no longer worries about your privacy being leaked by using the fancy program. Let’s being said, even the most sophisticated data recovery software isn’t able to get any information from the given device. It’s definitely worth the money you spent on it. And there is no additional fee if you use the program on multiple devices in future.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version     

After you finished all the above steps of iPhone Data Eraser, your iPhone becomes totally new from inside, all the space are freed up. Now, you can sell it without any hassle.

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  1. Everyone must aware of these things before selling iPhone. We have many important things in our phone like pictures, Emails, passwords, files, etc which may be confidential. So, it is vital to delete each and every thing from iPhone.

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