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How to clean up and accelerate your slow iPhone

Apple says it is always working on better iOS to make iPhone run quickly and smoothly. But it seems not for the old iOS devices, such as iPhone 4/4s. Normally, your iPhone, even an new iPhone 6/6s, is going to perform more and more slowly after being updated to iOS 9 and its related updates - iOS 9.01, iOS 9.02 and recent iOS 9.1.Too many iPhone users complain that their iPhone running slowly and always stuck in running some programs.How to fix the problem?How to speed up your iPhone and let it running faster?

speed up iPhone
Now I give some examples for methods for you choose to use:

Way 1. Close Unused Running Apps/Games

You might have opened too many apps and games on your iOS devices. So just double click Home button and slide to shut down the apps/games you are not using to free up memory on your iPhone.Clean iPhone Memory and Free Up More Memory Space

Way 2. Turn off Background Apps Refresh and Auto-Update

Background apps activities are often the culprit slowing down your iOS operating system. Luckily, Apple offers its users the features to turn off background refresh and auto-update to make their iPhone have a good performance.

1)How to turn off background apps refresh:

Setting > General > Turn off Background App Refresh.

2)How to stop apps update automatically:

Setting > General > iTunes > App Store > Turn off Updates.

Way 3:Clean Up Storage Space By Deleting Large Files:

Clean up and accelerate your iPhone by using the Third-party phone tool-The iPhone Data Eraser

iPhone Data Eraser can help you optimize slow iPhone for best performance

It’s the Best Software to clean up and accelerate your iPhone.Wipe all data from iPhone: contacts, text messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other personal data stored on iPhone.Keep your personal information safely, permanently remove it with iPhone Data Eraser to speed up your iPhone.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version     

Step 1. Launch the iPhone Data Eraser and get your iPhone connected

After installation, the program will automatically run, at the same time connect your iPhone to PC by using its USB cable.

Step 2. Choose a mode you want to scan and clean up your device

In the left sidebar, all features for this tool are listed. You can use it to erase junk files, private data, deleted files or even all data on your iPhone. Choose the right feature you need.

To ensure that the junk files are cleaned up totally, keep your device connected during the whole process.

When the clean finished, you will see the window as follows: displaying the space information of your device.

Warm tips:The iPhone Eraser supports iPhone devices, such as iPhone 6S/6/5S/5/4S and so forth.Once deletion is complete, you will see the corresponding completed screen, and you will get a fully new iPhone, but please remember that if deleted files are erased, you can recover the data by using any data recovery programs. So, please remember to backup data from iPhone to PC before cleaning up your iPhone.

The brief features of The iPhone Data Eraser you can’t miss:

1)3 Different Modes for Your Erase Data on iPhone/iPad Permanently
Depending on your needs, iPhone Data Eraser offers three different modes to permanently delete your iDevice content.
*High (3 passes): meets the DOD 5220 - 22 M standard
*Medium (2 passes): no one knows the data on your device is erased
*Low (1 pass): erases your iDevice quickly

2)Erase All Data or Erase Already Deleted Files from iPhone/iPad
 Wipe All Existing Data Permanently and Permanently Erase 'Already Deleted Files'.

3)Speed Up and Accelerate Your iPhone
  Clear Junk File and Uninstall Apps Permanently with the iPhone Data Eraser,and accelerate your iPhone, You can use this iPhone Data Eraser to clean up the junk files permanently,and make your device working as quickly as a new one. The iPhone Data Eraser allows you delete junk data such as contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, videos, downloaded documents and junks that are generated by apps.

Other information about the iPhone Data Eraser you can choose to have a look:

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version     

The ways to Optimize Slow iPhone For Best Performance:

If you're still using an iPhone that's two or more generations old, the chances are that it isn't as nippy as it used to be. The interface seems more sluggish, apps take longer to open or run - it just isn't the swift device you remember. Maybe it's been performing more slowly since you installed iOS 8 or iOS 9. But there are some techniques we can use to speed up an ailing older iPhone. Whether you're on an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C,iPhone 6S/6, you can benefit from our speed tips for older iPhone.

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How to Delete iPhone Data Permanently

Now more and more people use iPhone, especially the second-hand mobile phone, it is easy to disclose personal information.It usually causes property damage.Most people think that iPhone data can't recover after it is removed.But it is wrong. After iPhone data is deleted, it may still be restored, you want to permanently delete the data, you must use iOS Data Eraser to delete iPhone data permanently.

Delete Data on iPhone,iPad Permanently
iPhone Data Eraser writes random data over the old ones so as to delete iPhone data permanently. This software is so useful that it supports include iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPad, iPod touch 5 and so on.

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

Delete iPhone Data Permanently

These contents can still be restored. So, for the safety of your data, this mode should be applied.

Step 1. Select "Erase Deleted Files" and Scan

The mode will be chosen. When that is done, press "Start Scan" and wait. Then the files are classified. Except photos all can be previewed. Check the categories that you are to erase.

Step 2. Erase iPhone Documents Now

Press "Erase Now" and the window will turn. You can see how far it has gone through the process bar. And press "Done" in the end.

Note: Please do not disconnect the phone because it may be damaged.

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser


How to Delete iPhone Data Before Selling
To delete iPhone data before selling is to ensure that no one will ever recover the content. This can be achieved without any trouble, if iPhone Data Eraser is used.

How to Permanently Erase iPhone Contacts
To ensure all contacts were permanently deleted and are irrecoverable, it is highly recommended that you use iOS Data Eraser software to completely and permanently wipe contacts off iPhone, it can hide the traces and no one knows you had erased your device.

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Erase all personal data permanently and selling your old iPhone as new one

Summary: Do you want to selling the old iPhone 5/5s/4/4s and buy a new iPhone 6s/6? This article teach you how to erase all personal data and setting on

iPhone,iPad permanently and selling your it as new.Before selling the old iPhone,iPad,you must to erase all data from iPhone permanently,in order to avoiding some stolen your personal information.

Whether you want to re-install your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as new or you want to sell or give it away to someone else entirely, you first need to make sure you've wiped it clean and erased all of your personal data, including your photos, messages, and files. It only takes a few steps, and few minutes, and it makes sure you're data is protected.

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How to backup your iPhone or iPad before wiping it

Before you do anything else, make sure you have an up-to-date backup of your iPhone. iCloud automatically makes a backup overnight, as long as you're plugged in and on Wi-Fi, but a manual backup will make sure you're absolutely up to date.

1.Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. (If you're low on power, plug in as well.)
2.Launch Settings from the Home screen.
3.Tap on iCloud.
4.Tap on Backup.
5.Tap on Back Up Now.

If you prefer to use iTunes, you should also trigger a manual update to make sure you have all of your recent data backed up.

1.Plug your iPhone into your Mac or Windows PC.
2.Launch iTunes.
3.Click on the iPhone icon in the menu bar when it appears.
4.Click on Back Up Now. (Click on Encrypt Backup and add a password— you want the security.)
5.Back up Apps, if asked.

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How to erase all data from your iPhone or iPod touch

As long as you use a passcode, iOS devices are hardware encrypted. That means making your data absolutely inaccessible is as simple as throwing away the encryption key. iOS will still erase everything, however, and return you to the setup process, so that you have a nice, clean device to start over with or sell.

1.Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
2.Now tap on General.
3.Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on Reset.
4.Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

5.Tap on Erase iPhone.
6.Tap on Erase iPhone again to confirm.
7.Enter your Passcode.
8.Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activate Lock and remove the device from Find my iPhone.

Once the wiping process is complete, you can set up as a new device, restore from a different backup, or give or sell your device to someone else without worries.

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How to Erase Data from Old iPhone Before Selling

With iPhone 6s' 12MP iSight and 5MP FaceTime cameras, Apple bumped the specs of the world's most popular digital shooter, giving users a good excuse to create mountains of data. Using iOS 9's built-in Photos app can help you manage this flood of photographs from the moment you press the shutter button.

Erase Data from iPhone Before Selling and buy iPhone 6s
When you first open the Photos app in iOS 9, you are presented with up to three navigation options: Photos, Albums and, if you are sharing photos with a friend, Shared. In previous versions of Photos, when you clicked on Albums you were presented with Camera Roll, which is a collection of every photo and video on your iPhone, a Favorites album, Bursts for photos taken in rapid succession and Recently Deleted.

Permanently Erase Data from Old iPhone Before Selling and Buy a new iPhone 6s

Whether you want to re-install your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as new or you want to sell or give it away to someone else entirely, you first need to make sure you've wiped it clean and erased all of your personal data, including your photos, messages, and files. It only takes a few steps, and few minutes, and it makes sure you're data is protected.Fortunately, there is an app called iPhone Data Eraser which is developed with the aim to erase all data on old iPhone before selling in a simple way.

iPhone Data Eraser is the powerful data eraser designed for iPhone/iPad/iPod device users who want to deleted their wanted data on the iOS surface or permanently erase data from their iPhone forever before selling or get it away to others. Please don’t be worried. With the iOS Data Eraser, just one click to erase personal data with nothing recoverable permanently. So the next thing you need to do is download the free trial version below and have try.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version  

How to Permanently Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

Step1: Download and install iPhone Data Eraser on the computer

Please download and install the iPhone Data Eraser on the computer above the download button, then connect your iPhone to the computer via USB, the main window will pop up as below:

Step2: Choose Erasing Option in the window of program

There are 4 ways to permanently delete data in the window program, “Express Cleanup” “Erase Private Data” “Erase Deleted Files” and “Erase All Data“, but on this step you just need to click the “Erase Deleted Files” option in the left side bar which can completely erase all deleted data on your device, including photos, logins, bank or credit card account information, caches, contacts, etc.

Step3: Start to analyze and scan the deleted files on iPhone

Click “Start Scan” button and the program will start analyzing and scanning the deleted data on your iPhone. It will take a few minutes for scanning.

Step4: Erase deleted files on iPhone

When scan is completed, it will remove all data and settings on your device. Select the data you want to delete and click “Erase Now” to begin permanently erasing the deleted files.

Step5: Click “Done” and successfully erased

After you successfully erased the data on iPhone, it won’t be able to recover them with any method forever.

Note: This iPhone Data Eraser is indeed an amazing tool. As far as I know, iOS Data Eraser is the best option for secure data deletion for any iOS powered device.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version  

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How to Erase iPhone Data and Setting Without Jailbreak

Jailbroken iPhone benefits you a lot. You can download a world of apps which are not available in Apple App Store, access the iOS system, and change wireless providers. However, there is one thing you have to face: whenever you need to restore your iPhone, the jailbreak features will be lost. However, tt's hard not to delete iPhone data if you have lots of personal information on your iPhone. Don't worry about it. There are still workarounds to delete iPhone data without losing jailbreak Check out the following 3 simple ways to delete iPhone (supporting iOS 9) data without losing jailbreak.

Erase iPhone Data and Setting Without Jailbreak
In many cases, we need to completely delete  iPhone data without restored, just like reselling iPhone, resending to factory, giving a donation to someone and so on. If your iDevice has been jailbroken before, you must not want to jailbreak it again, because it’s a waste of time and effort. Fortunately, iOS Data Eraser comes forward.

iOS Data Eraser and iOS Data Eraser for Mac is the excellent and ideal software for resetting an iPhone from losing it jailbroken and the new update is compatible to iOS 8.2.x. Just one click can get you wipe all setting and personal content with most effective and safest data protective way. You can download it to have a try. Below are the simple steps to erase iPhone data with this program.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version  

The Key Features of iOS Data Eraser:

-Erase Private Data: selectively delete private data from your iPhone without restore;
-Erase Deleted Files: permanently remove these files you have deleted on your iPhone;
-Erase All Data: delete all data on your iPhone and set it as a new phone;
-Support new iOS 9, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5/4;

Tutorial: Steps to Delete iPhone Data and Setting Without Losing Jailbreak

Step 1. Launch the program and get iPhone connected
Download and install the corresponding trial version of iOS Data Eraser for your computer. Launch it and connect your iPhone to computer by using its USB cable.

Step 2. Erase iPhone data without losing jailbreak
Once your iPhone is detected, you are allowed to choose the right featurn you want in the left sidebar to erase junk files, cookies, cache, private data, deleted files or even all data and settings on your iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod touch.

Express Cleanup: clear junk files on your iOS devices, like log files, photo/video cache, iTunes syncing cache, download temp files, app cache, app cookies, app temp files and more, so as to free up space on your device, speed up it.

Erase Private Data: Permanent erase Safari cache, Safari history, Safari cookies, keyboard cache, message, message attachments, call history, notes, photos, etc. on your iOS devices.

Erase Deleted Files: Complete remove messages, iMessage, contacts, call history, facetime, calendar, reminders, notes, Safari bookmarks, photos, videos and so on ensure nothing recoverable.

Erase All Data: Permanent erase all data and settings on your iPhone, setting it as a new phone without losing jailbreak.


You can also compress your iOS device captured photos, uninstall not used apps from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to reclaim more storage with the help of this iOS Data Eraser tool.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version    

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How to Erase Private Data on iPhone Permanently Without Restore

"Hello, I need to permanently wipe data (text messages, contacts, photos, videos) off iPhone 4s, because I have a new iPhone 5c, and I want to sell my old iPhone 4s, but there are many Privacy Information stored in my iPhone 4s, even though I deleted them, but I tried some data recovery program, I was totally surprised to learn that it can be able to restore my deleted text messages, contacts, photos from my iPhone 4s, I'm very worried about, if sell my iPhone to others, they may recover my personal data. So, I want to know if there any ways that can permanently deleted, erase everything from iPhone 4s without restoring,  please help!  recommend some method or some iPhone erase software!"--Ask by Lisa

Erase everyting on iPhone before selling

Are you looking for a way to completely remove your private data like Safari history, cookies, browsing history, input history, App Store search history, deleted data, keyboard caches as well as other data you know they’re important or sensitive: text messages, photos, contacts, call history, etc. on iPhone without restore. The folllowing tutorial will shows you how to erase all iPhone data permanently with a click by using iPhone Data Eraser.
Erase Private Data on iPhone
With the help of this iPhone data eraser software,you can erase iPhone data without restore before selling.

Now, download and install the free trial version on your computer to have a try!

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version 
Tutorial: Steps to Permanent Erase Private Data on iPhone

Step 1. Launch the iPhone Data Eraser and connect iPhone to computer

After downloading and installing the program, launch it on your computer, meanwhile, connect your iPhone to computer via its USB cable. Once your device is successfully detected, you can see the window as below.

Step 2. Select and erase private data on your iPhone

Click “Erase Private Data” in the left sidebar, then click “Start” button on the right to analyze and scan the private data on your iPhone, after a while, all the deletable data will be shown in the window on the right.

Now you are allowed to check and view details. Just check the unwanted data and click “Erase Now”. In the prompt, type the word “Delete” to confirm the deletion.

When the deletion is completed, you will see the completed screen as below.

Free download the iOS Data Eraser:

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version 

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