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How To Remotely Erase Your iPhone,iPad Data When Stolen with iCloud

“My iPhone was stolen, so I lose important personal information,there are many personal data stored on my iPhone,is there any way to remotely wipe all data for my iPhone?I want to erase all contacts, text messages, photos, videos,ect on iPhone. I just want to keep my personal data safe on a stolen iPhone,please give me some advice,thanks!”--Ask by Sushan

Some has stole my phone today. I want to block it.Unfortunately my phone was not synced with i cloud neither lost my phone what can i do? By the way it got stolen from bang ladesh because i came here for a visit to my family.please tell me what to do. I have a lot of personal stuff in the iPhone.”--from apple discussions

This article teach you how to keep your personal data safe when you iPhone or iPad was stolen,to prevent your personal information is exposed,you must to remotely wipe iPhone data at the first time.Let’s teach you how to remotely erase iPhone data when your iPhone was stolen.

You, though, you’re lucky and now have warning: iPhones are among the most stolen items in urban areas. Here’s how to keep your personal data safe on a stolen iPhone or iPad.

First off, you’ll need to enable Find My iPhone (or iPad, or Mac) on your iOS device of choice. Tap into Settings, then tap iCloud. Scroll to the bottom and toggle Find My iPhone to ON.

Now, either on a different device, or at, login with your Apple ID credentials. I used my iPad to demo this.

Once in Find My iPhone on the non-lost device, you’ll see your device on a map at its current location (provided the iPhone is on and online). You can tap on the My Devices button in the upper left if you’re using the iPad app to see a list of all Find My… devices that are enabled.
Tap (or click, if you’re on the web) on the lost device, and you’ll have several options. Tap on the Car icon to get mapped directions to your device. Tap on the Play Sound button to have your lost device beep loudly. I use this more times than I care to admit to find my iPhone in my own home.

If your device is truly lost or stolen, you can place it into Lost Mode. There’s some logic to not enabling Lost mode if the device is truly stolen, so you’ll have decide whether alerting potential thieves is what you want to do.

If you decide to enable Lost Mode, you’ll have the option to add a phone number and message that appears on the lost device’s lock screen, giving nice people a chance to call and arrange a return of your device. Once you get it back, it will unlock with your regular passcode (which you enabled already, right?).

If you truly believe it’s stolen, and don’t plan on recovering it, you can Erase your stolen device. Tap on the Erase iPhone trash can icon (in the lower right corner if you’re on an iPad), and then confirm with a tap to the red Erase iPhone… text there. You cannot undo this, so it should probably be a last resort.
Note that if you do not have a passcode assigned to your iPhone or iPad in the first place, potential thieves already have access to your device and can restore it with a fresh install of iOS, after having pulled all the data they want off of it. Passcode (or Touch ID) that iPhone, please!

Permanently Erase iPhone Data with iPhone Data Eraser:

In additional,if you want to sell your old iPhone or give it away,you must to erase all data on iPhone permanently,so that no one can preview your personal data,even professional data recovery can’t restore those wiped data back.Let’s teach you how to erase data from iPhone permanently with the help of professional iOS Data Eraser:

The way I am introducing here is to permanently delete iPhone data with the help of iPhone Data Eraser. It is a tool which writes random contents over your personal info, such as contacts, photos, videos, notes, message and nearly anything that you can think of. Besides, the steps are extremely simple.You can use this iPhone data eraser to delete sms on iPhone permanently.

First of all,please download the ios data eraser tool for free:

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version

Step 1. Connect iPhone to the Computer
Step 2. Select the mode "Erase Private Data"
Step 3. Start to Erase all data from the iPhone

Erase iPhone data permanently without restore
Tips: This Data Eraser for iOS can help you clean up all data on iPhone, iPad and iPod forever,after wipe data with this data eraser tool,even no data recovery software can get erased data back.

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