Thursday, March 6, 2014

Permanently erase iPhone data without restore factory setting

"Hello, I need to permanently wipe iPhone data (text messages, contacts, photos, videos) off iPhone 4s, because I have a new iPhone 5c, and I want to sell my old iPhone 4s, but there are many Privacy Information stored in my iPhone 4s, even though I deleted them, but I tried some data recovery program, I was totally surprised to learn that it can be able to restore my deleted text messages, contacts, photos from my iPhone 4s, I'm very worried about, if sell my iPhone to others, they may recover my personal data. So, I want to know if there any ways that can permanently deleted, erase everything from iPhone 4s without restoring,  please help!  recommend some method or some iPhone erase software!

I need to compeletly wipe text messages, contacts, photos off iPhone 4s, please help!!!"Some one ask in discussions

To permanently erase data from iPhone without restoring,you must to us a iPhone data eraser tool.
Notes: Please Completely DELETE ALL your data and personal information safely before selling your iPhone, or gift to your friends and relatives.

I found the hard way that just because you wiped your iPhone's data doesn't mean that everything linking you to the phone has been removed. There are some apps that may still be linked based on your phone's unique hardware ID. I sold an old iPhone to a friend of mine and completely wiped my data using the method above, however, he informed me that my account was still linked as he was seeing all of the Pandora channels I had created. He said that the same was true for several other apps as well, to permanently erase iPhone data, you have to choose some professional iPhone data erase software.

Many people want to permanently erase data on iPhone before sell or give away to a friend or relative.However,you must to use a iPhone Data Eraser tool to wipe all iPhone personal data.
This iPhone data eraser can help you permanently erase iPhone data without restoring
To permanently delete photo,video and other files on iPhone,you can use a iPhone data eraser,there are some iPhone data eraser software in the market, but few can be completely and permanently delete the data on iPhone, even if data has been cleared, some professional iPhone data recovery software can recover them later.

Delete iPhone data without restore factory setting
Please read this use guide about how to Permanently Erase iPhone Data Before Selling your iPhone.So no one can get you personal information and data from iPhone,after you sell, donate or give it away.

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