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How to Permanently Erase iPhone Data Before Selling iPhone

To Permanently Erase iPhone Data Before Selling the old iPhone,You do not expect erasing data by "restore iPhone to factory settings",because some iPhone data recovery can restore all data after restore factory settings for iPhone.Som you must to use a professional iPhone Data Eraser tool.

You got a new iPhone, and you want to sell your old iPhone, but before selling it, you have to permanetnly erase all data on iPhone, like: text messages, contacts, photos, videos.

Wipe all data from iPhone Permanently
Many iPhone users may ask how to wipe SMS messages on iPhone;any way to erase contacts from iPhone permanently; how to delete iPhone photo and video permanently.Actually,to wipe all data from iPhone,you can use a iPhone Data Eraser. Read this article, you will learn how to permanently erase data from iPhone 4/4s/5.

There are a few circumstances in which you'll want to erase iPhone data and settings before selling it, restoring the phone to its factory-new condition. These circumstances include when, the iPhone is being sent for repairs and you don't want your personal data available to prying eyes, It's a drastic step, of course, because deleting all the music, apps, email, and settings from your phone--unless you backed it up, that is-–you won't get it back. Still, in situations like those described above, it can be necessary.

How to Permanently Erase/Deleted iPhone Data Before Selling it

Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone - If you want to fully delete your iPhone, this is the option to choose. When you tap this, you'll not only erase all of your preferences, you'll also delete all music, movies, apps, and other data from your phone with iPhone erase software, Just try it to wipe text messages from iPhone device.

Erase iPhone Data Permanently
I found the hard way that just because you wiped your iPhone's data doesn't mean that everything linking you to the phone has been removed. There are some apps that may still be linked based on your phone's unique hardware ID. I sold an old iPhone to a friend of mine and completely wiped my data using the method above; however, he informed me that my Pandora account was still linked as he was seeing all of the Pandora channels I had created. He said that the same was true for several other apps as well, so to compeletly erase iPhone contacts, text messages or photos, you have to use professional iPhone data erase software.

Currently the iCloud service will backup almost everything that you need to restore your iPhone, but it is possible that some apps may not support backup to the iCloud. Also, some older phones such as the original iPhone and iPhone 3G don't have access to the iCloud service so we'll backup using the iPhone's docking cable. Note: If you have purchased some items on your phone and haven't transferred these purchases to your computer yet, right-click the iPhone and choose "Transfer Purchases" to transfer the purchases prior to backup.

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